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Insti-Info is a website made by five 2nd year students to help their fellow juniors. As the name itself suggests, it provides all the necessary info they need about the institute in the 1st year. We at instiinfo give them fundaes related to their acads(including notes, lectures, papers, tutorials) as well as general fundaes about the life at IIT.
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It's already written on the page with bold letters "kelvin".
First of all for changing the department,the minimum cgpa required officially is 8.50. But generally the cut-off cgpa goes around 9.00 due to tough competition. Also you must be among top 10% students of your department who are applying for DepC. And only 10% students can leave or join the department i.e if the class strength of EE is 60 then only 6 students can leave or join. If you are in dual degree course then you can go only to dual degree courses but four year students have an advantage, they have an option to opt. For Eg.- If you got a cgpa of 9.7 and you want to go to CS then you must be among the 10% students of your dep., also you must be among those 5 or 6 students who can join the dep.
Who can tell you better than those who have achieved DepC. So, here's the article written by them. Click on this link-
Try to maintain a decent cgpa of 8.00 which is fair enough. But atleast you must get a cgpa of 7.5 above. If you're able to manage 8.5+ then it would be best. Getting good grades depends from person to person. Some students study just before the exam and get good cg. It all depends on your time management and concentration. But if you start studying 2 weeks before the exam seriously then you can score very good.
clear all the doubts just visit the following link which gives all the necessary information for the new boarders. Link-
It's a huge 2100 acre campus having many exciting places like helipad, nehru museum and a lot more. To know about the campus, click here-
Here's our sports page. It will provide you all necessary info related to sports including all the events and facilities.
It's called "LINGO" in kgp. Words like load, peace, machau, etc are used, you will get familiar to it. To know more about it, click on the link-
Just don't sit idle, go and hangout with friends & explore the campus. If you want to know more about utilising your spare time then click on this link-
There are many scholarships available which one can apply but they have some minimum criteria. To get the list of all the scholarships, click here-
Spring Fest and Kshitij are the cultural and techno-management fests of the college in which various events are conducted and a huge amount of participants from different colleges show up . You will surely enjoy it, it can be one of the best part of your college life. Also, there will be mega shows and pro-nites. To know more about them visit this page-
To get the detail of all the departments of the institute, here's our page- Click on the department to get more detail about them like faculty list, placement, etc.