Academic Fundae

Atleast once in your coaching life you must have been told that just study for these 2 years very hard and your life will be peace, you'll not need to study anymore well thats not so true....
Obviously you are not shocked because thats what they always tell you and it always turns out the other way. So this time also you have to head towards the books. But this case is not as tough as your previous experience of JEE.

  • Academic load:

    The academic load one takes purely depends on the individual. You can be the one who is always busy with the books trying to get an awesome CGPA, or you can be the one who is always chilling up ,studying just before the night of the exam, copying all the assignments from a friend and giving the exam to pass. We suggest you to opt for the intermediate way , the one who is not the topper but neither the failure , who gets involved in various activities happening in the campus, learning some new things and utilising his free time with some productive work and still enjoying his life with great friends.

  • CGPA:

  • Its ok to have fun and mandatory too (yes beyotch DO HAVE FUN) but acads are equally important because at the end of the day CG(=CGPA) is the thing thats gonna help get a job or internship. In your senior years when you'll attend your lectures in your dep, your CG effects your impressions on your prof. So basically what you need to do is make a balance between your acads and extra acads like societies and sports stuff.

  • Library:

  • When it comes to acads, it becomes mandatory to talk about the library. Well library of IIT KGP is a very interesting place. Its one of the largest libraries in asia. The way it is build, its design is fascinating. Our library is spread in 2 buildings yet there is only a sinlge door entry/exit. You will come to how amazing it is. BUT thats not why its an amazing place...Most of the junta obviously studies just a few days before exams and that time the environment of library is very interesting. Library remains open 24/7 specially for exam preparation and so many people stay whole night at library, but do they study?? you'll get to know....

    Section Info

  • Make new friends:

    Your Section. Its the first place where you start making new friends, or you can say the place where your life takes its turn. Your future at kgp depends too much on your company , so from the day one start making lots of friends.

  • Attending Lectures:

    At least first few weeks everyone attends the lectures and it's important to attend classes(we know the lectures are boring) for getting good grades if in case you're not a stud. If you continue attending lectures you might develop section sento. The section is not important , the people are.

  • Allocation:

    Sections are made with some random process. There are students of every department in every section. Every student in first year studies same course irrespective of the department. There are almost 90 students in each section.

  • Find the names of the profs teaching in your section. Also, the list of all the students and their email address of ur section.

    All the details of students nd profs in your section will be updated as soon as they are allotted.


    The procedure to issue the books from the Central Library is as follows-
    General and OBC Category- 5 books can be issued at a time to a single person. The books should be returned within 2 months(15 days grace period without fine)). On the 16th day, a fine of 16 rupees will be charged along with 1 re./day after that till the book is returned. SC/ST Category- 13 books can be issued at a time to a single person. The books should be returned within 3 months(15 days grace period without fine)). Just like for General Category Students, On the 16th day, a fine of 16 rupees will be charged along with 1 re./day after that till the book is returned. To find all the other information regarding the institute Library(one of the biggest libraries in asia)-

    NOTE: You can return a book without your smart card any-time(even if a fine is due on it). But you can't issue a book without your smart card or with any fines due.
    Fine payment can only be done with a debit/credit card, cash is not accepted while paying your due fines.

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