Department Change

After attending the orientation programme, we guess one thing must be tingling your enthusiastic nerves:- DepC! Yes, its the case with most of the people who don't like their department and strive for a better one. But the tempo gradually fades away, as is again the case with most of the people. Usually the lack of motivation and direction, and distractions away from studies takes the better of them! Since, none of us at InstiInfo were actually brave enough to fight all along, we are not in a good place to give advice and hence, we've arranged a piece of advice for all our beloved freshers (so that it always adds fuel to your fire whenever it starts extinguishing) from the few selected "conquerors" who fought all the storms and landed the shore safe and sound. So, here they come to your rescue with...


Vaishal Shah(EE to CS)

When I came to kgp, I had no plans to change my department. My old department was Electrical Engineering because of higher cutoff CGPA for DepC to EC(9.47) or CS(9.81) last year. So, I just had no load of DepC during first sem and I studied freely. I also enjoyed events of all societies... Read more

Neha Banerjee

I am Neha Banerjee and I have Depc-ed(as per KGP lingo) from Industrial Engineering (14IM10013) to Electrical Engineering(14EE10061) in it's four year B.Tech Course.Well, I think that Branch Change is a wonderful opportunity for those who couldn't figure out their individual interests....Read more

Rajarshi Khan

Hola Freshers. Congratulations on landing in one of the most sought after institutes of this country. One year ago at around the same time, I was attending the Orientation Programme. The Dean of Student Affairs (DoSA) was speaking about the inevitable aspects of co....Read more

Shyama Agrawal

I am pretty sure that there are quite a few of you, who are planning on for a Department Change by mugging up very hard starting right from this semester. So as a senior of yours, I would love to give you some tips and tricks to get things done...Read more

Atul Bansal

Hey there, this is Atul Bansal, a student of IIT Kharagpur from the department of Electronics and Communication Engineering(Dual degree course). Recently, I have gotten my department changed from Mechanical engineering to this department. I am here to tell you and give all of you some....Read more

Sourish Ghosh

When I first came to kgp I was pretty confident of a DepC. But soon things changed. After I joined TRS, and began my regular table tennis practice I thought it wouldnt be achievable but after my first mid-sem results I was surprised...Read more

Aditya Sanjay Boob

So any aspiring depc student the first n the foremost thing is to...Read more

Harsh Bajaj

Making a DepC in IIT KGP is the easiest they say ...Read more

Hrishyank Shetty

To all the freshers out there trying for a department change I have only 3 pieces of advice... Read more

Ashrujit Ghoshal

After joining IITKGP a number of freshers are highly motivated to go for a change of department.That number decreases after a couple of weeks and becomes even lesser...Read more

Shivam Agrawal

I don't think that DepC is a tough thing to do if you want to get into a decent dep. But if u want to get into dep like CS, EC ,, then the competition is very tough and u have to study... Read more

Shruti Sagar

First of all, welcome to your new home, freshers!!!! Let's come to the point. I know many of you would be disheartened with your jee rank & might not be satisfied with the branch. But, let me tell you something... Read more