Department Change

My DepC Story

Atul Bansal

Hey there, this is Atul Bansal, a student of IIT Kharagpur from the department of Electronics and Communication Engineering(Dual degree course). Recently, I have got my department change from Mechanical engineering to this department. I am here to tell you and give all of you some tips about the same. First of all, NEVER miss any classes. Even if it's very boring and you couldn't help dozing off, you must control it somehow, and listen to your professor with full attention. This practice really helps you a lot. This will allow you to keep your workload under limit. Otherwise, there will be a lot of pressure during and just before the mid-sems and end-sems, due to which you may score poor marks in these exams which you definitely don't want if you really want to secure your department change. Secondly, you may hear something like 'It's enough if we study for just 1 or 2 weeks before the exams'. I will advice you to ignore such talk. I don't know about all of them, but some of my friends definitely paid their price doing so. They ended up having poor grades and cursing those people who told them this. There will be lot of events going out in the campus which will attract you, I am not telling not to go and participate but make sure that, you never lose your determination and concentration in doing so. In my opinion, it will be unwise to join any society, but if you really want to join them, make sure you manage your time because these societies take lots of your time and you may not get any time to study at all. So, please take care of it.

I think the main key to the department change is "TIME MANAGEMENT". If you are efficiently managing your time in doing all the activities including studies, then DepC is just a piece of cake. I hope this helps.

With Regards
Atul Bansal