Department Change

My DepC Story

Neha Banerjee

I am Neha Banerjee and I have Depc-ed(as per KGP lingo) from Industrial Engineering (14IM10013) to Electrical Engineering(14EE10061) in it's four year B.Tech Course.Well, I think that Branch Change is a wonderful opportunity for those who couldn't figure out their individual interests and had chosen departments solely based on their JEE ranks.The common first year curriculum is an immaculate method by which students can explore and get a taste of various departments. However, sometimes Branch Change becomes more of an associated 'status' and many of the freshers start to crave and yell for a DepC without even proper introspection. As per my personal experience , I would recommend the student to first start 'enjoying' academics and not to be a CG- freak.Those who have not been exposed to coding before may find the PDS course a bit challenging ( as it happened with me too) - but patience and persistence can definitely break the ice. Rest of the subjects in Physics sem like Maths, Physics( attending classes and making regular notes) , Mechanics(this one is a conceptual subject and can be fun if one can grasp the fundamentals) are managable. As of Chemistry Sem , Electrical Technology can be a subject which needs more attention than others( well . this was the course which I found most intriguing) . Solving tutorials is a must. Others like Chemistry ( yes , I admit it can be a bit boring sometimes) English etc. can be handled with relative ease. Utilization of the weekends can be a good strategy to cover up pending work and backlogs.

Well, talking of the overall life in KGP as a freshman , one should decide how much he/she will be able to manage among academics, society , hall work and sleep (don't forget this one! ).I was an active member of ETMS ( music society) and that was really a major refreshment from academic load.In this context , I would like to mention that choice of societies should be solely based on one's interests and not on hackneyed publicities made by them (sometimes!). So,I wish all the freshers a hearty welcome and a very very happy and smart year ahead.