Department Change

My DepC Story

Shivam Aggrawal

Hello Freshers,
I don't think that DepC is a tough thing to do if you want to get into a decent dep. But if u want to get into dep like CS, EC ,, then the competition is very tough and u have to study very hard.

Also in some dep, to be in top 10% u need to to have a high CG. Otherwise DepC can be done easily.

  • 1) Be regular to class or at least be updated with the syllabus if the prof is not good.
  • 2) Complete the assignment on time.

  • Now talking about the problems I faced.
    Chem -- Actually, I don't like chem. For chem, slides are the best thing to study. Don't study books like Atkin..... .Use them only as reference (download from DC++.). If u are not able to get logic or understand a thing, simply learn that.

    Electrical-- After mid sem, electrical becomes really tough. Thanks to TK bhattacharya video and notes on NPTEL.

    Phy -- Simply complete shastry book and read slides. Learn formulae and start doing problems if u are not able to understand. Take helpp of the solutions. Belive me, I have completed 80% problems by seeing solution.

    Mech-- seach for Navtej sir notes from a friend . (best prof).

    Only three books u need to buy-- Jain and Iyengar, shastry, parker smith(not necessary).

    Take help from the senior or ur mentors and DC++ (most imp).

    Remember, it just takes a little effort to get DepC. Just don't get deviated and stay focussed.