Department Change

My DepC Story

Sourish Ghosh

When I first came to kgp I was pretty confident of a DepC. But soon things changed. After I joined TRS, and began my regular table tennis practice I thought it wouldn't be achievable but after my first mid-sem results I was surprised. It's all about time management in kgp and I did manage my time well. I made sure nothing was being left out. It was not that I studied all day, but I made sure I was not out of the loop. I attended classes I liked and did not attend classes I didn't like. And I pretty much focussed on studies around a week and half before the exams. My CG after 1st sem was 9.09 and I was happy with myself. Meanwhile before the 1st sem results I managed to win two golds in Freshers' and Open IIT table tennis tournaments. So I think it's all about time management and not getting distracted. In the 2nd sem things got bit more tricky. Robotix work is really heavy in the winter as the fest approaches. Moreover I had to attend to inter-IIT practice for table tennis (we got bronze). Managing these two together became really tough and I lost some of my focus in acads. So I feared my CG will drop massively. Also I joined another society; KRSSG. Work for KRSSG becomes heavy in the end sem of the 2nd semester and its all technical. Also there was inter-hall table tennis practice where LBS bagged gold. Taking all these into account my CG dropped to 8.96 but thankfully it didn't drop too much. I was lucky because I was the last guy to depC to maths. I also did a lot of competitve programming in my first year and I developed a knack for it. I think in a way it helped me a lot, especially to think intelligently and wisely.

Advice for freshers: Do what you love. Don't get distracted (you can get distracted very easily in kgp). Have faith in yourself. Explore.