Department Change

My DepC Story

Vaishal Shah

When I came to kgp, I had no plans to change my department. My old department was Electrical Engineering because of higher cutoff CGPA for DepC to EC(9.47) or CS(9.81) last year. So, I just had no load of DepC during first sem and I studied freely. I also enjoyed events of all societies and also went to their selection to explore myself. But, since I got selected in none, I had much free time which I dedicated to my studies and did not get indulge in any TV series or movies or DC. I got its benefit with 9.87 SGPA in first sem(IR-3). The major reasons for such high CGPA are: Regular hard work, More focused studies a week or so before exams. No great mugging is required for it. One can easily manage studies with some sort of extra activity or entertainment. Main pressure generally comes in second sem where we have all sorts Spring Fest, GES, Alumni Cell and Kshitij, most of the time in the beginning of 2nd sem which spoils mid sems(mid-Feb). Since the CGPA in first sem were great, I got a hope for DepC and hence some pressure. I started mugging much more than first sem. I also enjoyed some time in Spring Fest, KTJ and all but, managed my studies as well. Also, I joined KRSSG at that time which took considerable amount of time. Mid sems did not go so well as in first sem because of the pressure. If I had taken no pressure, perhaps I could have performed better. So, in last two months, I kept on mugging. Real test came in April, where first week was full of lab tests(Chem Sem) and class tests followed by End-sems!! It was fully hactic. Somehow, I managed them all, and endsems went nicely and I got 9.55 SGPA in second sem, resulting in 9.71 CGPA. Thank God, the cutoffs also went down and today I am enjoying CS with higher CGPA :P

The major things I learned from my experience for Department Change:

1-Proper mentor is must necessary to guide you how to prepare for exams, which books you should refer and guide you whenever you need it. I would like to mention my mentor from SWG(Prasoon Bopche) which helped me a lot. Apart from that one can always have funda from seniors.
2-Regular studies. Not too much like JEE but use time efficiently, and if possible don't waste time for movies and TV Series. You will have a big vacation after 1st year to fulfill yur wishes.
3-Smart work. Solve tutorials that are taught in the class. If you can solve tutorials and have clear concepts, you need not solve whole reference book of that topic..Reference books should be solved in free time once you are finished with tutorials. Even you can get Ex if you start preparing a week before endsems, but you should attend classes regularly to have clarity of concepts and tutorials solved regularly.
4-Don't waste much time for labs. Many times, it depends on your luck and your impression on teacher :) 2-3 days of study for lab tests is sufficient. Most of the marks in labs depend on regular classes, so try to perform well in the classes.
5-Last one, don't take too much load study freely and regularly.Enjoy your 1st year as well as manage your studies!!

P.S.: If you need any guidance, you can freely ping me!! :) ALL THE BEST !!