You know whats the best thing about being in IITKGP? its the life you get to live here... here you get to live your life your way. You get such an amount of free time that you can neither imagine nor manage it...
People who come here think that their job is done and they are secured now... but that's not the reality. You have just reached a checkpoint , you have a long way to go. This is just the beginning of the long journey that you have to travel. Most of the people who come in here are so astonished by the lifestyle here that they spend their whole first year enjoying it. People don't realize, what they are getting is a life changing opportunity. These are some categories that usually people fall into

First are the maggus

Maggu is a stereotypical reference to any person who studies a lot. The ones with a very bad reputation of always studying. But that just a saying you should ignore all these. Actually many of these guys made DepC (Dept. Change). It's a very courageous step taken by few souls who study for good grades/self satisfaction. It is neither Good nor bad to be a MAGGU. All you must know is to prioritize the things in your life and do the right thing at the right time. That includes many things other than just acads, you should transform yourself into a person with more than just knowledge to show, you should develop that attitude of an IITian. But anyways, you aint gonna get placement in google or facebook without your acads, thats the only thing thats gonna help you at the time of placements.

Second are 'typical' society guys

A society is a group of people related to each other through persistent relations. They stay with their respective societies and devote all their time(Non Academic Time) in it. They generate great interest in their work and give their best to it. They manage big level fests, seminars, etc. Which makes them passionate about their work. You can say that they are the people who gain the most experience of all people with the help of seniors. They get a lot of help from the seniors. So being in a society will help you develop your social and cultural skills. As a personal suggestion, you aint gonna face a person after speaking ill about his/her society. Thats the tempo of society guys.

Third are the explorers

The ones who try and explore every possible field of profession or anything that they might be interested in. These are the people who havent yet known what interests them, the biggest reason for this is that they didnt go for society interviews or never tried to learn something about them. Believe me when i say that you will always find a society fit for you if you genuinely try to explore yourself, at the right time ofcourse. Well, its not necesary to be in a society. The explorers visit all the workshops and extra lectures given by different societies on business, entrepreneurship, finance, programming and lots more. They try to get into every field and see where they fit.

Fourth are the vellas

Those who just enjoy their peaceful life. They don’t attend a lot of lectures, just use up the free internet and DC++… Frankly speaking, they just let a golden opportunity slip through their hands by wasting their time. You would never want to be in this category, because its very peaceful inside IIT but the world outside in not so easygoing and you have to face it after some years. These people face the toughest time after passing out as they didnt gain anything. There are only a very few in this category but once in a while every one goes to this phase where he wants to one of them and enjoy life without any work and tension. But you should remember, hardship is the only way to success.

What you need to do is be a combination of all the above. Not like its very tough to be an all-rounder, its all about time management.
The best part of the day is the 'night' in kgp… when people come out on the roads and enjoy the silence on the streets. You cannot distinguish the day and night in here. Sleep has nothing to with the night. You can do whatever you want to whenever you want to.
The best thing about b

eing in a hostel is FREEDOM… you don’t need permissions to party, neither do you need any occasion for it… just gather some guys, some edibles, a woofer and speaker, close the doors and there you go!!!!
There is no restrictions of time in hostels(for boys) and for the campus, you can get out before 11 and come back whenever you want. Well you don't need to get out of the campus very much. Campus is large enough and has all the things you might need.
One of the best thing is the LAN and WIFI that is provided to you. Especially when it is used for gaming, the environment is so very cool and loud when a group sits in a room connected and playing counter strike.

Utilizing ur Time

After so many things we have already told you, you would hv pretty decent idea of what you should do. But if you do all that, you must be an ideal student. And their is no such thing like ideality in reality. So here we'll again try tell you what actually you can do and you should do.
Let's start with some productive work.
What you can do in your spare time at your room is learn something. But what?? These are some things which can be useful for you :

  • Photoshop - learn photoshop, illustrator, corel draw and other such software. They can be very useful and many societies ask for them for design teams
  • Web Designing - It includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript and php. Their knowledge comes very handy.
  • Coding languages - C, C++, python, C#, java or anything you like.
  • You can easily learn these things. Video tutorials and books of everything are available on DC. You don't have to watch them as if you are studying. Just watch them for fun n time pass, and in no time you'll be a master.
    You will definitely waste your time anyway , so better waste it at right thing. Following are some recommended TV series that you must watch(only personal experience, their can be many more that you may like).

  • Fisrt one on the list is what I watched last. Game of Thrones. It is worth its fame. Undoubtedly the best
  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S . Ultimate comedy show. Tired of everyday's hush-hush, go watch friends. It will definitely change ur mood.
  • I amSherlocked. It doesn't need any description. A must watch for everyone
  • Breaking Bad -story is great but I think its a bit slow
  • The 100
  • Prison Break
  • Vampire Diaries
  • You can always google for more

  • There are always 2 types of people , Anime lovers or haters. Either type, these are some must watch animes, after watching them you will definitely became lover.

  • Death Note
  • Code Geass
  • Another
  • All time favourite - Naruto
  • Full metal Alchemist, brotherhood
  • DBZ

  • There are so many things you will want to do, but there'll be no time. 24hrs of the day are same for everyone, it just depends on you how you spend your time.