Network Gyan

If you are a Computer Freak then you are certainly lucky to get IIT Kgp. Kgp provides you wifi all over the freaking 2100 acre campus. But your internet will not work unless you set a proxy in your web browser. The present proxy address is .
You can set the proxy by following these steps :
Control Panel > Network n Internet > Internet Options > Connections Tab > LAN Settings > Address(proxy),Port(8080).

Unblocking WhatsApp

The proxy provided by kgp server BLOCK some websites with inappropriate content and also some mobile apps including Whatsapp.
Their is a solution to this for android users. All you need to do is get an application that provides you a VPN.You can use
Droid VPN(easiest to connect but slower speed),
SurfEasy(Fastest speed but limited data per month,also takes time to connect) or
Psiphon(Moderate speed ,unlimited data, also takes some time to connect)
And for the computer users what you can do to open the blocked sites is use the "Tor Browser" or use some website that provide you VPN like 'hide my ass' and for more visit this link
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This proxy also allows you to access the internet via LAN ports provided in your hostel rooms.One thing is certain, you are surely gonna love those ports, reason being they give you DC++ 'the only source for all your time pass'.You get literally everything from latest movies, games, audio/video tutorials of any kind of learning course. And that too at an average download speed of 20mbps (11 if you use cat5 lan cable), so I suggest you to buy a latest lan cable (cat6). All you need to do is share 64GB of data on downloaded DC++ software. Well actually thats not all.
Other than these you need to set proxy in your dc too and that is presently (when you set the below settings, click on reconnect and you will know where to put this proxy) and thats it. You can share your data from the sharing tab in settings. So make sure to check out the DC.
Download DC here!!. Change your dc settings as followed.

Also there is a facebook page Hit-Hi-FiT-Hai-IIT-Kgp-DC
This is the main hub at DC. All the problems related to DC++ are discussed over here.


The CIC department of the institute also provides you some help. You can register your complaints(like if your lanport is not working n all that) there n ask for solutions.They also provide some of the licensed software on their website that you may need like photoshop or anti-virus and also windows.
Here the website of CIC.
Type "\\" in 'run'(search for run in start menu) to get all necessary softwares from CIC. It will lead you directly to a directory having all the softwares.