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Inter IIT Sports Meet


Inter IIT Sports Meet is the annual sports tournament of the Indian Institutes of Technology. It is organized in December every year, with the Aquatics events held separately in October. The seven old IITs take turns hosting the event. Inter IIT Sports Meet (or just Inter IIT, as students of the IITs call it) is the only event wherein all the IITs participate.


Tournaments are held in 13 different sports:

All the 16 IITs participate in the Inter IIT Sports Meet.


The proposition for an Inter IIT Sports Meet was brought up in 1961, and IIT Bombay hosted the first ever Inter IIT Sports Meet. Only five IITs were in existence then, namely IIT Bombay, IIT Madras, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Kanpur and IIT Delhi; who competed in five sports only.

The hosts and winners of Inter IIT Sports Meets over the years

Year Edition Held at Champions Year Edition Held at Champions
1961 1 Bombay Kharagpur 1989 26 Kanpur Kharagpur
1963 2 Kharagpur Kharagpur 1990 27 Delhi Delhi
1964 3 Madras Kharagpur 1991 28 Kharagpur Kharagpur
1966 4 Bombay Bombay 1993 29 Bombay Bombay
1967 5 Delhi Kharagpur 1994 30 Washed out
1968 6 Kanpur Kharagpur 1995 31 Kanpur Bombay
1969 7 Kharagpur Kharagpur 1996 32 Delhi Madras
1970 8 Madras Kharagpur 1997 33 Kharagpur Kharagpur
1972 9 Kharagpur Madras 1998 34 Bombay Bombay
1973 10 Bombay Madras 1999 35 Madras Madras
1974 11 Delhi Madras 2000 36 Kanpur Bombay
1975 12 Kharagpur Madras 2001 37 Kharagpur Kharagpur
1976 13 Kanpur Madras 2002 38 Delhi Delhi
1977 14 Madras Madras 2003 39 Bombay Madras
1978 15 Bombay Madras 2004 40 Madras Madras
1979 16 Delhi Madras 2005 41 Roorkee Kharagpur
1980 17 Kanpur Madras 2006 42 Guwahati Madras
1981 18 Kharagpur Bombay 2007 43 Bombay Bombay
1982 19 Bombay Madras 2008 44 Madras Bombay
1983 20 Was not held 2009 45 Kanpur Bombay
1984 21 Kanpur Bombay 2010 46 Delhi Madras
1985 22 Delhi Bombay 2011 47 Kharagpur Madras
1986 23 Kharagpur Kharagpur 2012 48 Roorkee Bombay
1987 24 Bombay Bombay 2013 49 Guwahati Kanpur
1988 25 Madras Madras 2014 50 Bombay Kanpur
2015 51 Madras Yet to be happen

The Meet in 1971 was cancelled due to the India-Pakistan war, while the one in 1992 was to be held at IIT Bombay but was cancelled owing to the communal riots in Mumbai.

The 49th Inter IIT Sports Meet 2013, IIT Guwahati

The 49th Inter IIT Sports Meet was held at IIT Guwahati from December 16 to 23, 2013. The Opening Ceremony was graced by the presence of MC Mary Kom, who launched her autobiography Unbreakable during the ceremony; along with former Miss Universe and Hindi film actress Sushmita Sen.

The mascot for the 49th Inter IIT was Bhaiti, a bamboo. Inspired by the slenderness and strength of its namesake plant, Bhaiti was designed by Thomas G. Manih, a student of IIT Guwahati, under the guidance of Dr. D. Udaya Kumar, who is credited with designing the Indian Rupee sign.

IIT Kanpur emerged as the winners of the General Championship in the Men's tournament, while IIT Roorkee won the Women's General Championship.

The 50th Inter IIT Sports Meet 2014, IIT Bombay

The Golden Jubilee edition of the Inter IIT Sports Meet is to be hosted by IIT Bombay in October and December 2014. The Inter IIT Aquatics Meet took place during October 1–4, 2014.The Opening Ceremony of that was graced by the presence of Virdhawal Khade. The 50th Inter IIT Sports Main Meet will take place during December 12–19, 2014 at the IIT Bombay campus. The Opening Ceremony of that will be graced by the presence of Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar. The institute has undertaken massive renovations of the play fields in anticipation of the meet. Sachin gave the most anticipated address of that day. The last time IIT Bombay hosted an Inter IIT Sports Meet was in 2007, as a part of the Golden Jubilee celebrations of the institute. IIT Kanpur declared as the overall champions, winners of the General Championship in the Men's tournament and second in the Women's Championship, while IIT Bombay won the Women's General Championship.