Loose yourself in the scents of colors, in the beats of the music, in the drama of the play. Realise the artist in you. It is a matter of pride if your hall wins a GC out of all the halls who participated in its events.

Their are three types of events :
1) Solo Events
2) Semi Group Events
3) Group Events

Points for Solo, Semi Group & Group events are 60, 75, 100; respectively.

There are some exceptions. like for Clay modelling and thermocol modelling (both are Semi Group Event) both summation is of 100 points.

Previous Year Results

Hindi Dramatics RK (+100 points)
Azad (+60 points)
Patel (+40 points)
Choreography (Dance Event) Azad (+100 points)
RP (+60 points)
SN (+40 points)
Bengali Dramatics RP (+100 points)
RK (+60 points)
AZ (+40 points)
Debate RP (+60 points)
Azad (+35 points)
Nehru (+25 points)
Bengali Elocution RP (+60 points)
RK (+35 points)
Azad (+25 points)
What's the good word? Patel (+75 points)
SN (+45 points)
RK (+30 points)
English Elocution Nehru (+60 points)
Azad (+35 points)
RP (+25 points)
Western vocals Azad (+60 points)
Nehru (+35 points)
SN (+25 points)
Eastern Vocals Nehru (+60 points)
Azad (+35 points)
VSRC (+25 points)
Eastern instrumentals RP (+60 points)
RK (+35 points)
AZ (+25 points)
Cartooning RP (+60 points)
MS (+35 points)
NH (+25 points)
Sketching HJB (+60 points)
Azad (+35 points)
RK (+25 points)
Postering RP (+60 points)
SN (+35 points)
PH (+25 points)

Here's the previous year GC schedule, you can get an idea when this year events will happen. This year's schedule is not yet released.

Inter Hall Social and Cultural GC Schedule

Cartooning 17th Jan
Hindi Dramatics 19,20,21 Jan
What's the Good Word 22nd Jan
Eastern Instrumentals 4,5 Feb
Eastern Vocals 7,8 Feb
Choreography 8,9,10 Feb
Hindi Elocution 25th Mar
Postering 8th Mar
Bengali Dramatics 11,12,13 Mar
Collaging 15th Mar
English Elocution 17th Mar
Eastern Groups 18,19,20 Mar
Dumb Charades 1st Apr
Western Groups 27,28,29 Mar
Quiz 28th Mar
Thermocol and Clay Modelling 29th Mar
Western Intrumentals 3-4 Apr
English Dramatics 8,9,10 Apr