The sports GC includes various sport events. It will be held in the spring semester. In GC every hall competes for the GC Sport cup. Students From Each hall go to cheer their respective halls team. It will be a fun to participate in GC Sport whether you go in the team or in the Cheer team.

Previous Year Results

Athletics RP (20 points)
MS (12 points)
NH (8 points)
Basketball LBS (10 points)
NH (6 points)
AZ (4 points)
Cricket AZ (10 points)
LBS (6 points)
MMM (4 points)
Football NH (10 points)
PH (6 points)
RK (4 points)
Hockey NH (10 points)
LLR (6 points)
MS (4 points)
Tennis AZ (10 points)
MS (6 points)
PH (4 points)
Swimming RP (10 points)
NH (6 points)
MS (4 points)
Squash NH (10 points)
RP (6 points)
HJB (4 points)
Table Tennis LBS (10 points)
RK (6 points)
LLR (4 points)
Volleyball LBS (10 points)
RK (6 points)
NH (4 points)
Weightlifting AZ (10 points)
RK (6 points)
NH (4 points)
Chess RK
Bridge NH

Here's the previous year GC schedule, you can get an idea when this year events will happen. This year's schedule is not yet released.

Inter Hall Sports GC Schedule

Interhall Aquatics 21-22 March
Interhall Athletics 24-25 Oct
Interhall 6.6km Road race 24 Jan
Interhall Bridge 1-2 Apr
Interhall Chess 1-6 Apr
Interhall Cricket 20th Jan- 10th Feb
Interhall Volleyball 7-15 March
Interhall Hockey 7-21 March
Interhall Football 1 Feb-18 Mar
Interhall Squash 5-12 February
Interhall Table Tennis 7-15 Mar
Interhall Badminton 15-21 Mar
Interhall Basketball 21 Mar- 6 Apr
Interhall Tennis 21-28th March
Interhall Water Polo 23-29 March
Interhall Weight Lifting --