Megnad Saha Hall of Residence

Being an MSite is about being together as a family, standing tall together through storms. In a world which is dying from multiple factions of the society breaking apart, no MSite ever stands alone because :"Ibi Concordia Ubi Victoria- Where there is unity, there is victory". The enthusiasm to learn together, to go through joy of victory and sorrow of defeat together as a team, this is the ideology that defines the students of the Meghnad Saha hall.

Phone (Office) : +91-3222-281180
Phone (Mess) : +91-3222-281181
Phone (General) : +91-3222-281182

Warden : Prof. M D Behera
Phone (Office) : +91-3222-281802
Phone (Residence) : +91-3222-281803, +91-3222-
Email :

Assistant Warden : Prof. Mrinal Kaushik
Phone (Office) : +91-3222-283004
Phone (Residence) : +91-3222-283005, +91-3222-
Email :

Assistant Warden : Prof. S Misra
Phone (Office) : +91-3222-282338
Phone (Residence) : +91-3222-2, +91-3222-
Email :

Hall Council Members

Post Name Department
Hall President Sanjay Yadav Chemistry
Second Senate Member Amarjeet Mehto Mechanical Engg.
G.sec Sports Karri Girish Akash Yeshwanth Agriculture & Food Engg.
G.sec So-Cult Amit Bikram Aerospace Engg.
G.sec Mess beforenoon Hanuman Prasad Civil Engg.
G.sec Maintenance Amit Kumar Minj Civil Engg.
G.sec Maintenance Chavan Mukund Ashok Rao Agriculture & Food Engg.
G.sec Mess for afternoon Gorthi Venkata Anvesh Mechanical Engg.
G.sec Technology cum Library Alladi Sathwik Computer science Engg.