Radha Krishnan Hall of Residence

Radha Krishnan Hall stands out for its unique culture, which is woven around the principle of unity, especially its Wing culture, where boarders of all years live together, giving excellent exposure and enrichment to a RKite's life. RKites of yesteryears occupy some of the most important positions in industry and academics. RK Hall has always stood as one of the foremost in the campus, be it sports, so-cults or the coveted Illumination.

Phone (Office) : +91-3222-281150
Phone (Mess) : +91-3222-281151
Phone (General) : +91-3222-281152

Warden : Prof. R K Pradhan
Phone (Office) : +91-3222-282316
Phone (Residence) : +91-3222-282317, +91-3222-
Email :

Assistant Warden : Prof. Gnaneshwar Nelakanti
Phone (Office) : +91-3222-283656
Phone (Residence) : +91-3222-283657, +91-3222-
Email :

Assistant Warden : Prof. Arindam Basu
Phone (Office) : +91-3222-283366
Phone (Residence) : +91-3222-283367, +91-3222-
Email :