Presidents, Chairmen and In-charges
  Prof. K. S. Rao  Vice Chairman, GATE-JAM
  Prof. S K Das Mandal  Vice Chairman, ERP
  Prof. S Chattopadhyay  Vice-Chairman, Technology Aquatic Society
  Prof. D Bhattacharya  Chairman, ERP
  Prof. A Deb  Co-Prof-in-Charge, Centre for Railway Research, Civil Engineering
  Prof. S Banerjee  Chairman, Commercial Establishments & Licensing Committee
  Prof. A Gupta  Chairman, Computer Purchase & Networking Maintenance Committee
  Prof. S D Bhattacharya  Prof-in-Charge, Student Counselling Services
  Prof. S K Ghosh  Prof-in-charge, Advanced Lab for Plant Genetic Engg
  Prof. A Roy  Vice-Chairman, Technology Film Society
  Prof. Anupam Basu  Chairman & Head, Center for Educational Technology
  Prof. C Chakraborti  Prof-in-charge, B C Roy Technology Hospital
  Prof. S K Pal  Vice Chairman, JEE
  Prof. A Goswami  Chairman, JEE
  Prof. S Roy  Prof-in-charge, Centre of Railway Research
  Prof. S Kumar  President, Technology Students Gymkhana
  Prof. P Banerji  Chairman, HMC, Hall Management Centre
  Prof. S K Barai  Chairman, Career Development Centre
  Prof. D Deb  Vice-Chairman, Career Development Centre
  Prof. Rajakumar A  Vice-Chairman, Career Development Centre
  Prof. S Kar  Vice-Chairman, Career Development Centre
  Prof. S Chattopadhyay  Chairman, Central Library
  Prof. D Chakravarty  Vice Chairman, JEE
  Prof. R Sen  Vice Chairman, GATE-JAM
  Prof. Adinpunya Mitra  Chairman, Campus Green Cover Committee
  Prof. M Ramgopal  Chairman, GATE-JAM
  Prof. I Sengupta  Prof-in-charge, Incubation & Entrepreneurship, Sponsored Research & Industrial Consultancy
  Prof. D K Baidya  Prof-in-charge, Time Table
  Prof. M K Jha  Prof-in-charge, Examination
  Prof. A K Das  Chairman, Life Science Division, Central Research Facility
  Prof. R Mitra  Chairman, Materials Science Division, Central Research Facility
  Prof. D K Gupta  Chairman, Rajbhasha Vibhag
  Prof. S Kar  Convenor, Center for Theoretical Studies
  Prof. G Saha  Prof-in-charge, IPR & IR
  Prof. T K Bhattacharya  Prof-in-charge, Advanced VLSI lab
  Prof. Anupam Basu  Prof-in-charge, Media Lab Asia - IIT-KGP Lab
  Prof. M Ramgopal  Prof-in-charge, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
  Prof. M K Panigrahi  Prof-in-charge, Guest Houses
  Prof. R Datta  Prof-in-charge, Telephone (Technology Telecom Centre)
  Prof. M M Ghangrekar  Prof-in-charge, Water Works
  Prof. A K Pradhan  Prof-in-charge, Electrical Works
  Prof. Adinpunya Mitra  Prof-in-charge, Horticulture
  Prof. Dhrubajyoti Sen  Chairman, Nehru Museum of Science & Technology
  Prof. D Das  Prof-in-charge, P K Sinha Centre for Bio Energy
  Prof. B Mahanty  Chairman, Campus Schools Advisory Committee
  Prof. D Roychowdhury  Chairman, Kalpana Chaola Space Technology Cell
  Prof. P B S Bhadoria  Chairman, Commercial Establishment and Licensing Committee
  Prof. B Bhattacharya  Chairman, Civil Construction and Maintenance
  Prof. Sushanta Chakraborty  Vice-Chairman, Civil Construction and Maintenance (Civil)
  Prof. S P Bhattacharya  Vice-Chairman, Civil Construction and Maintenance (Architecture & Planning)
  Prof. V R Desai  Chairman, Students' Brotherhood Fund
  Prof. A Bhattacherjee  Chairman, House Allotment Committee
  Prof. Choudhury A Roy  Chairman, Central Workshop & Instruments Service