B Club

  • Business Club(B-club)

    Business Club, IIT Kharagpur works to spread information about finance and consultancy and conduct internal as well as external competitions and workshops for the benefit of the student community.

  • We'll be starting our selections from 11th August and depending on the amount of registrations the preliminary round will be conducted till 12th, after which we'll have the final rounds. The venue for reporting would be F-142 (Raman Auditorium).

  • We'd releasing all this information from our facebook page very soon.

  • The selection procedure will involve Group Discussion followed by Personal Interview of the successful candidates.

  • In the club, the 3rd years function as the Governors and Heads. Heads are responsible for their individual wings and ensure knowledge meetings go on. 2nd years work as Sub-Heads, who are mainly responsible for taking knowledge meetings along with conducting Open House Sessions. 1st years are the Associates who learn about the various aspects of Business and are encouraged to apply this knowledge by participating in various competitions in India and abroad. Club Seniors also participate in events teaming up with juniors to ensure learning.

  • We'd be looking for people who like to think out of the box, people who are able to respond to problems posed before them instantaneously. People who are able to present their views effectively in an unbiased way by looking at the big picture are the ones we are ultimately looking for.

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