• Spectra

    About Spectra :
    Spectra ‘The fine arts and design Group’ of IIT Kharagpur is a student initiative to promote the zeal of fine arts and computer aided designs among the students of the abilities of the students through mentorship and guidance and by organizing various workshops. The group has its own study group ‘Spectra circle’ ( ) where students with varied levels of mastery over different forms of arts come together for those who intend to learn more. Other than this we are finding some national/international competitions of arts and design, in which the group will represent IIT Kharagpur.

    Student Hierarchy:
    • Conveners(5th year students) : The highest student level of the group. All the decisions made by the committee are final and binding on all the members of the group. The Conveners have the power to accede and reject a decision.
    • Governors/ Gymkhana coordinators (4th year students) : They occupy the second highest level in the hierarchy system of the group. They are the prime governing body. Their main job is to manage the heads and members and thereby putting in conceptual inputs towards the work of the group.
    • Heads (3rd year students): They are the main or prime functioning body of the group. All matters pertaining to the workshops and events shall be coordinated and conducted by the Executive Members (Heads) aided and advised by the Governors.
    • Associate Team Members(2nd year students) : All duties pertaining to the workshops and events, and Spectra Circle bestowed by the Executive Members shall be performed by the Associate Members.

    Selections :
    Selections for the post of Associate Team members shall take place during the second week of August. Information regarding the selections will be shard through online media (Stay tuned to ). We are looking for students who are passionate about art and are willing to work to share their ideas through a common platform.

    Year Long Events :
    Spectra conducts a plethora of events round the year ranging from hands-on workshops(both internal and external) to online competitions. The very first workshop this year is the Paper art workshop which will be held on 2nd august at Bhatnagar auditorium (F-116) at 4:30 pm. Others are being planned. Other events lined up for this year include Clik’d - Online photography competition usually conducted during the Durga Puja. Then we have Wall de Art – where you get to paint the walls of your room during hall days and submit pictures of them online. ArtBeat- The Annual Art Exhibition of IIT Kharagpur is the flagship event of Spectra. It is not just like any other exhibition. Workshops, Live painting and sketching events are held during the 3 days of ArtBeat. It truly is a platform for celebration of art. It is conducted during mid March. Apart from this Spectra organizes competitions for school children belonging to nearby schools in KGP. We have also been collaborating with Gopali Youth Welfare society (GYWS) annually for painting their newly built campus Jagriti Vidya Mandir past 2 years.