• Technology Filmmaking & Photography Society(TFPS)
  • Here's something about TFPS that every freshman should know.

    What events do we organize for general public?
  • Freshers' Production : After selecting new members, TFPS gives them a fair idea about the fundamentals of cinema studies, filmmaking, editing, cinematography, script writing and other related aspects of filmmaking through several workshops. After these workshops, new members are divided into groups and are asked to make a short film on the topics of their interests while the senior members of the society mentor them. These short-films are later screened for the KGP community in the event we like to call the Freshers' Production. This event is usually held in the month of October.
  • Annual Production : This event is usually held in the month of March, in which we show our best works/short films of the year to the public. Movies made by seniors as well as freshers are screened in this event.

  • What do the members do?

    As our name suggests, TFPS members do filmmaking, photography or any other thing of their choice, related to filmmaking through out the period of their affiliation with the society. There isn't any compulsion or hierarchy of work as such in the society. Anyone can take up a project of his choice and get it made with the help of other members and seniors, no matter which year he is studying in.

    What are the benefits of being in the society?

    The most significant benefit of being in the society is that you keep getting a well-curated watch-list recommendations from other members. You get to hang out with people who have seen complete filmography of Coen Brothers as well as Abbas-Mustan. You learn the fundamentals of making films. In fact, some of our elder members like Biswapati Sarkar and Ashay Gangwar chose filmmaking as their career after graduating.

    When and where are you holding the society selections?

    Society selections, in all likelihood, will be held in the coming week. For further updates regarding dates and venue, keep checking our Facebook page-
    Click Here to go to our fb page.

    What is the selection procedure?

    TFPS recruits first and second year undergraduate students and first year post-graduate students as writers, editors, cinematographers and photographers. We have a little informal chat to know a little about you when you appear for the auditions. Then, according to your interest, we ask you to either write a short story on a given topic or to edit a little video or click some pics around a given theme. Selections are strictly based on your enthusiasm and your submissions. Also, please note, we DO NOT recruit actors and people whose favorite movies are 3 Idiots and Inception.

    What do you expect from someone who is interested in joining TFPS?
  • They should be able to click pics other than Selfies.
  • They should be able to write anything other than WhatsApp Shaairee forwards.
  • They should be able to use Photoshop better than these twenty fails. (