• Space Technology Students Society(spAts)
  • Space Technology Students’ Society(spAts) Space Technology Students’ Society, fondly known as spAts in IIT Kharagpur, is a group of space enthusiasts who work with a common goal of spreading awareness of space technology and space sciences to the young minds all over the country. spAts works under Kalpana Chawla Space Technology Cell(KCSTC), the contact point of ISRO at IIT Kharagpur. spAts conducts many events all around the year not only in IIT Kharagpur but also in various colleges all over the country. Some of the events are listed below:

  • National Students’ Space Challenge(NSSC):

    NSSC is a three day fest related to space technology being annually conducted by spAts during Autumn Semester at IIT Kharagpur. There are many events, guest lectures, workshops and exhibitions being conducted during the three day tenure.

  • Space Technology Awareness Camp(STAC):

    STACs are one-two day workshops being held in various colleges to inculcate space sciences in the minds of the students all over the counter.

  • Webinars and Guest Lectures:

    spAts conducts Guest Lectures of esteemed scientists and astrophysicists from India and Webinars of amazing people all over the world. Some of the people who have delivered a speech include John Mather, Ashwin Vasavada, Pamela Gay, Abhas Mitra and Ajay Talwar.

  • Sky Gazing Sessions :

    It is always fascinating to watch moon, stars and such heavenly bodies. spAts conducts such sky gazing sessions on a regular basis at IIT Kharagpur through its 8 inch newtonian reflecting telescope.

  • Moonwalk:

    Moonwalk is the official Bisemesterly published newsletter of spAts with its more than 10,000 readers getting refreshed through the latest news in space sciences.

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